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Fruit Focus: Cherries

This is the second in our series of posts regarding the different fruits that we grow here at DeFisher Fruit Farm and the different products we can make with them at Apple Country Spirits.  The first entry in this series can be found here: http://applecountryspirits.com/blog/fruit-focus-apples/


Today's focus is on Cherries.  Cherries are our second biggest crop behind apples.  DeFisher Fruit Farm grows close to 100 acres of cherries all together, with a majority being tart cherries.  The oldest block of tree we have is over 35 years old and we have been growing cherries for ...

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What we are Working on

  • Posted On: January 24, 2013
  • Author: Collin McConville
  • Categories: Products, Facility, Launch

In the first post I explained a little about the two of us behind apple country spirits, today I will take a little time to explain what we are working on.  Distilling is a time and labor intensive process, so you can expect to see some of these things a lot faster than others. 

Our first product, which should be available in February, is a vodka made exclusively from apples.  Most vodkas today are made from grains (generally rye, wheat or corn) because they are plentiful, easy to work with and offer a high yield.  A small portion of vodkas ...

The Apple Country Spirits Crew

  • Posted On: January 16, 2013
  • Author: Collin McConville
  • Categories: Facility, Staff, Launch

As the first post, I thought it might be a good idea to introduce the crew behind Apple Country Spirits and Tree Vodka.  This project has been in development for several years now, and is finally coming to completion.  The mastermind of this operation is David DeFisher and I, your friendly neighborhood distiller, am Collin McConville.

David DeFisher is the fourth generation of his family to own and run DeFisher Fruit Farms.  His family has grown apples in Williamson since the 1800's.  Since taking the reigns from his father Bill, in the 1990's, Dave has expanded the farm ...