Tree Vodka

Released March 2013

CELK Distilling, LLC, and Apple Country Spirits, are proud to announce the birth of TREE Vodka. Created at our Upstate New York farm distillery, TREE Vodka is a super premium small batch distilled Vodka. Unlike the vast majority of other competing vodkas, TREE Vodka is crafted from fresh, delicious apples. Being one of the very few Vodkas in the world created from using 100% all natural, gluten free, locally grown NY apples, TREE Vodka has a fresh taste, slightly sweet, and a purity that is unmatched by the mass produced, run of the mill, grain based vodkas. Our vodka goes through an extensive 24 plate distillation process. It creates a product that has an incredibly balanced and unique character, one that can only be achieved by using such a premium raw product, fresh apples. We also source our water, used to proof our products, locally. The Upstate New York area, part of the greater Great Lakes Area of the North East, is considered one of the world’s greatest resources of clean, fresh water.

Unlike the vast majority of other competing vodkas, TREE Vodka is crafted from fresh, delicious apples and is 100% all natural, gluten free.

The majority of vodkas on the market today are all using what is called pharmaceutical grade GNS, (Grain neutral spirits), to make their vodkas. It is a cheap, readily available product, manufactured by big corporations.  A big vodka maker will buy GNS, run it through a distillation system once or twice, and claim it as their own “special” product.

We at Apple Country Spirits take a totally different approach for our TREE Vodka. To start, we use a bottle of the highest quality standards available, made by one of the industry’s most respected bottle manufacturers. We knew TREE Vodka deserved a first class appearance, an appearance that would mirror our prime customer. It has an elegant look that stands out on the shelf amongst all of the other ordinary vodkas. We then proceed to use a raw product that is naturally appealing on its own, apples and other fresh fruit. Think about it, would you rather eat a handful of scratchy dry grain, or a delicious, juicy, sweet apple, picked fresh from the tree? We DO NOT outsource our raw product. We PLANT our own fruit trees, and have been doing so for generations.  We GROW our own apples, here, on location, on our own farm. DeFisher Fruit Farms is a 4th generation family owned fruit farm.

We plant our own fruit trees, grow our own apples, press, and distill the juice here at our own facility.

Western New York is one of the world’s largest apple growing regions. Our climate, soils, and proximity to Lake Ontario make for the most ideal conditions to grow the best fruit in the world.  We PRESS our own fresh juice to use to make TREE Vodka. We FERMENT that juice here on site, where we can carefully watch the process to achieve the absolute best and purest product. NO grain or gluten containing products are allowed to contaminate our processes or facility. We take pride in our quality control and cleanliness of our operation.

Finally, we DISTILL our fermented juice here in our own facility, taking the time to produce vodka that is unlike any other on the market today. And, by the way, when we built this facility, we made it our goal to purchase MADE IN THE USA as much as feasibly possible. We are committed to supporting our local economy, and our fellow Americans. Our fermentation tanks were all “made in USA,” in Geneva, NY, about 40 minutes south of us, in the great Finger Lakes region of New York. Our apple press was manufactured in Buffalo, NY. Finally, our beautiful copper still was manufactured in the great state of Kentucky by Vendome Copper Works, located in Louisville. It is a beautiful machine indeed, check out our pictures!

Our climate, soils, and proximity to Lake Ontario make for the most ideal conditions to grow the best fruit in the world.

There are hundreds and hundreds of vodkas on the market today. The consumer of fine vodka has many choices. We believe, now that you know the story, and after you taste it, that TREE Vodka will very quickly become one of our country’s most sought after vodkas.

TREE Vodka - a super premium distinctly delicious, slightly sweet Vodka. Great on the rocks, or very complementary to most mixers, from champagne, to tonic, to soda. TREE Vodka, very unique, just like you.