Tasting Room

The Apple Country Spirits tasting room is the result of our dedication to locally sourced materials and our commitment to working with highly skilled local craftsman.  The tasting room features hand hewn beams and reclaimed wood from one of the several 100+ year old barns located on the property.  The beams and wood were recovered after a heavy wind storm blew the barn down in the spring of 2012.  The focal point of the tasting room, the bar, is made from Cherry wood grown and harvested on the farm over the past twenty years.

Our tasting room offers samples of all of our current products and features mixed drinks, collaborations and possible future product lines. You can sample local artisan chocolates and even add one as a pairing option to your desert wine sampling. It offers views of the entire operation including the cider press, aging barrels and stills.  Brief tours and explanations will be available during regular operation hours or by appointment.